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Olen taas tänäkin vuonna menossa jo perinteeksi muodostuneille sarjisfestareille, joten jos joku teistä on myymässä tai haluaa muuten vaan törmäillä, tulkaa nykimään hihasta n__n Tarkoitus olisi lauantaina melkein koko päivä pyöriä alueella. Hyvästi rahat </3
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  • Reading: Mätä
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Fire Emblem Birthright
  • Eating: Breakfast
  • Drinking: Orange juice
I was just browsing some comic blogs I follow, and it's been a bit quiet lately. So, do any of you have or know any interesting comic blogs? :3 Shameless self advertising is ok! It doesn't necessarily have to be a comic blog, art blogs are fine too.

It feels like blogging is becoming more video based, and I'm not interested in those. I usually listen to some music and I don't want to pause it to watch someone talk, I prefer to read. Maybe I'm just old.
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  • Reading: Assasin's Fate
  • Watching: Westworld
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XV
  • Eating: Chocolate
I'm really getting tired of all the problems with my website, and I don't have time and energy to fix it all the time. So I was thinking about hosting my webcomic somewhere else.

Do you guys know good webcomic hosting sites? It needs to be free, not too ugly and it needs to have a commenting feature.

I was also thinking about uploading the finnish version of my comic here on deviantart, but I personally don't like reading comics here. And uploading over 80 pages to deviantart is gonna be really annoying. But would that be better to you than some webcomic hosting site?
  • Listening to: Bloodbath
  • Reading: The Fall of Hyperion
  • Playing: Pokemon Moon
  • Eating: Breakfast
Onko kukaan tulossa? : D

Itse olen ainakin perjantaina liikenteessä, todennäköisesti myös lauantaina. Jos törmäätte ja tunnistatte, saa tulla nykimään hihasta!
Hello again. I made an instagram account some time ago, and it's kinda quiet there. Do you guys have instagram, or do you know some interesting accounts I could follow?

Here's mine:

I still don't know what kind of pics I'll post. What would you like to see? Now there's some dogs and random stuff.